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We offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures to help properly diagnose unknown illnesses that could be ailing your pet. In our in-house lab, we can run fecal exams for quick results. We partner with IDEXX Laboratories to run all other diagnositics.

Fecal sample being collected.

Fecal Tests

We can test your pet for common intestinal parasites by running fecal exams in our in-house laboratory. Fecal results take 10 minutes to finalize allowing us to get quick results for you and your pet.

IDEXX Laboratories

We partner with IDEXX Laboratories. We have a wide range of bloodwork and urinalysis machines in the clinic that allow us to test for specific blood or urine values or run full-panel bloodwork. This allows us to get quick results for emergent situations.


For routine bloodwork and urinalysis panels, we send out samples to IDEXX Laboratories and receive results the next business day. We send out biopsies and cytologies for further analysis by IDEXX. We also utilize the University of GA-Athens Diagnostics Laboratory for certain tests.

Guyton Animal Hospital's IDEXX machines utilized in our in-house lab.
A ClearVet DR digital radiography machine at Guyton Animal Hospital.


In our clinic, we are able to utilize transparent veterinary imagining to diagnose and rule out a myriad of problems a pet may have. We send out most radiographs to a board certified radiologist for further inspection and diagnosis.

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