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Here at Guyton Animal Hospital, we'll be there for you and your animal at all stages of life: from infancy to adulthood, all the way into their senior years! We offer a wide range of preventative, routine, and urgent care for you and your animals. We proudly administer services to companion pets and farm animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats, cows, horses... if you can transport here, we'll see it!

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Wellness Packages

We offer Wellness Packages for all stages of life to ensure your pet is happy and healthy at every age. 

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Every pet deserves a long and happy life, which is why we offer safe, and effective vaccines for a lifetime of protection.

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We offer a wide range of surgeries that range from routine spays and neuters to mass removals. We also offer routine dental cleanings.



With our in-house laboratory and radiology ward, we can run several diagnostic tests for pets with mystery illnesses or pets coming in for routine services.

Examining Goat on Ranch

house calls

For owners with farm animals (or owners who have 4+ animals that can't be safely transported) we offer house calls to provide routine and preventive care.

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Medical Boarding

While we don't have regular boarding services, we do offer medical boarding for pets that need more hands-on care or daily medication a regular boarding facility can't provide.

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Euthanasia services

We offer Quality of Life Exams for pets that need them and we partner with Savannah Pet Cemetery to offer a comprehensive set of cremation services.

Pet Groomer

Medical grooming

We offer medical grooming for sick or anxious/aggressive pets that need sedation to be groomed. Medical grooms are done for the health of the pet, NOT for aesthetics.

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Our availability for emergencies is very limited, which is why we always recommend to visit New River Veterinary Specialists for emergent, life-threatening situations.

61 Central Blvd, Guyton GA 31312

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