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End of life care and euthanasia

sick dog on bed with human holding paw

If you think your pet is nearing the end stages of their life due to age or extreme illness, we offer Quality of Life exams to determine the best course of action for your beloved pet. If we find that we can mitigate symptoms to make your pet more comfortable, we can medically manage your pet's condition with supportive treatment and palliative care.


If we find that prolonging the life of your pet is either financially unfeasible for your budget, or otherwise inhumane, we can schedule a euthanasia any time that works best for you. For cremation services, we partner with Savannah Pet Cemetery that offers a wide array of options for cremation and burial services.

If you are looking for at-home-euthanasia services and live in or around Effingham, we highly recommend:

Elevation Veterinary Services: (912) 210-7745 (Dr. Leighanne Wright)

Peace and Passing: (912) 515-5301 (Dr. Danielle Dimon)

If you are located closer to Chatham County, we suggest contacting Lap of Love Savannah.

61 Central Blvd, Guyton GA 31312

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